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Shopping - Collecting shopping from a local supermarket for someone who is housebound, perhaps when you do your own shop. 

Volunteers shop for people who are housebound or unable to get to the supermarket independently. 

The Volunteer may collect the list from the client or someone from the office can e-mail the list to them. They then shop at a local supermarket, perhaps when they do their own shopping. Items would then would be delivered to the client and assistance given in putting the shopping away if required.

Shopping Bus - For those unable to use public transport or cannot for health reasons carry bags. The Shopping Bus provides choice & an opportunity to see what is available to buy. A community transport bus with a tail lift picks up shoppers who are then taken to a Twickenham supermarket on Thursday afternoons fortnightly, picking up between 1-2pm. Afterwards shoppers meet in the cafeteria.  

A team of dedicated volunteers, of which you could be one are on-board each week and available at the supermarket to assist the shoppers.

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